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Safe and reliable transportation for your pet.

©2014. The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content (including images) without our consent.

Pet Taxi

Who it’s for:

All family pets on the move, including dogs, cats, and other critters.

How it works:

Just like a human taxi service, you call Critter Car and make a reservation for your pet to boldly go where no pet has gone before – just kidding! Critter Car is available to safely transport your pets wherever they need to go. With 24 hours notice, Critter Car is available 24/7 for transportation to vet exams, daycare and boarding facilities, relative’s houses, the airport, or anywhere else your pets need to go!  For your critter’s comfort, we maintain a smoke-free, stress-reducing atmosphere in Critter Car with dimmed windows, and we only play OPB or Sounds of Nature on the stereo.  But don’t worry – far be it from us to deprive a pooch that enjoys a little wind in their fur while commuting!

Have pets with special transportation needs?  Critter Car will transport and care for pets with limited mobility or injury.  Just let us know your pet's special needs, and we will arrive prepared.

Critter Car will also run errands for your pets, like fetching food, medications or litter.  We are happy to help, just ask.

Are you experiencing a pet transportation emergency? Critter car will work hard to accomodate your needs, just ask!

Contact Critter Car or visit our FAQs page for more info!

Critter Car can arrange interstate pet travel and transport.  Click Pet Relocation for details.

Depends on your needs.

We are bonded and insured with $1 million in coverage.

Critter Car uses a commercial fare-meter to calculate transportation fees, so you only pay for what you use.  Our pet transportation rates are based on local human taxi rates.


One-Way Starting at $69 

Round Trip Starting at $99

Airport Taxi Drop Off starting at $129

Airport Taxi Pick Up starting at $129
Time / Idle Fee: $.59 cents a minute

Start Fee: $10
Per Additional Pet: $5
Airport Fee (includes pick up / delivering pet and paperwork): $30 
After Hours:  $10 - $75
Same Day or Emergency Reservation: $10
Pet Leashing or Crating Service: $15 per pet
Holiday Fee: Time and a Half

*Minimum Fare: $69